Halpander Phrax

This ominous figure towers over most, standing at 2.10 meters and swathed in dark robes. An ornate sword sticks out over his right shoulder.


Halpander Phrax(Known as Specter to almost all) is an extermly tall, lanky Void Born. He stands at 2.10 meters and weighs a meager 75 kilograms. Though Specter is extemly lean, every gram promises disaster to those who would wish to challenge him. He wears spartan battle fatigues consisting of baggy cloth pants tucked into well worn high leather boots, both the color of charcoal. He wears a simple bodyglove rather than a shirt, and wraps his hands and arms to mid forearm in red bandaging. His mesh cloak covers most of his body from head to toe, and is of obvious xeno design. Under the hood he hides his face behind a silver mask that covers all his face but his eyes, which are a very distinct violet. Specter wears a shawl over his cloak with two ornate pauldrons, one showing the symbol of the Templar Calix of the Scholastia Psykana, the other the Holy Aquilia. On his back rests an ornate scabbard holding an equaly ornate sword.


Floating in the dead silence of space is the fate of so many ships, calling out for help without any purpose other than fear for ones life. This was the fate of the ship that once was called Bassan, a rogue trader, as it appeared on the fringe of the Halo Stars in the Calixis Sector. Answering the call for help, two space bound Arbites squads were sent under the direct command of a senior Arbites Judge. The squads lost radio contact with their ship immediately upon entering the silent beast, chalking it up to odd shields upon that ship, and prepared themselves for the worst. Nothing was found, except the ordeal had unnerved two Arbites to the point of almost madness claiming Hell itself had come with this ship. The Judge, not wanting to leave anything to chance, for he had heard of xenos and chaos hiding in ships just like this, returned for back-up and proceeded to search the ship with a larger contingent of men. After emptying every box and pulling every panel did they realize the Astropathic choir in the astropath chambers was sealed. The Judge ordered it opened, and tensed for the worst. What actually happened is only whispered at, for fear of what retribution will follow the giving of secrets, but what is known is that a human sized box was sent to the inquisitorial headquarters on Malfi. The rogue trader vessel Bassan’s charter was sanctioned by the God Emperor himself, and sealed in His holy blood, yet their charter, even after turning the ship upside down, was never found
Halpander Phrax, the man who survived to recount the fate of Bassan, was studied for a long time. His testimony on the subject of the ship, her crew, and what he saw are kept secret for fear of what even the knowledge of such events could do. Lord Octivian Rex, a holy inquisitor, was stationed at Malfi at the same time Halpander Phrax arrived, and he took a heightened interest in his case. Once the psyker had been processed and his destruction ordered, Inquisitor Rex requisitioned the pskyer mind cleansed instead of destroyed on the grounds that such survivability without corruption would be a valuable tool to waste. Halpander was then given his name and designation; he was to serve the Lord Octavian as an acolyte in the Holy Inquisition. After months of vigorous training, Octavian sent Halpander to the Templar Calix to be trained, claiming the need for a bodyguard.
After a year, Halpander was returned bearing the moniker of “Specter”. He has faithfully served Octavian since, standing in on some of his most private councils, where his ghostly appearance often keeps those Octavian entreats in line.

Halpander Phrax

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