Inquisitor Jean De'Verre


Inquisitor De’Verre is an older gentleman. He conducts himself with a civil poise that belies his noble upbringing. He has a head of shortly cut, silver hair. His shortly-cut beard and mustache are silver as well. He is obviously well-to-do, as he is a little bit portly. He often wears a blue and silver outfit. While he keeps himself very clean, De’Verre’s teeth are yellowed with time, most likely due to his smoking habits.

A known puritan, Inquisitor De’Verre’s allegiances, if any, are always in question. He rarely comes to the cabal well-armed, but he is never found without his antique plasma pistol in its fine leather holster. He also often carries with him a switch that he frequently uses on his acolytes and Throne Agents when they “get out of hand”. De’Verre is a known drinker; many suspect this may be a problem for him at times.

Many speculate that De’Verre adheres to the Monodominant code, as he is often seen trying to maintain the “current order of things”, as he says. De’Verre is very active within the political maneuverings in the Cabal and it always trying to find out who has loyalties to who. As such, it is often advised that new Acolytes and Throne Agents do their best not to speak with De’Verre unless they have to.

Inquisitor Jean De'Verre

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