Inquisitor Octavian Rex

This man stands a full 1.9m tall. He is dark skinned, muscular, and holds his head high with an air of authority.


Inquisitor Octavian is a very respected, renowned, and feared Inquisitor of the Calixis Sector. Famous for his quick, dark wit, and his unerring and even pompous attitude, Inquisitor Octavian is still nonetheless tolerated and, in some circles, secretly praised for his accomplishments. A well-known Xanthite, Octavian is known to remain quiet for long periods of time. However, when questions of daemons, the Ruinous Powers, and the warp come up, many look to him for advice; and he is quick to give advice.

Octavian is a man shrouded in mystery, revealing very little even to his own acolytes and throne agents. Only those of his inner-most circle can claim to really know anything about Octavian. What little is known is never shared, most likely on pain of death – or worse.

Octavian has very dark skin, almost African in hue. He has very Haitian physical features. He is broad-shouldered, muscular, and poised. He has a single, brass and red mechanical left-eye and he keeps his black, curly hair short. He is often found wearing very specific armour: black and red, and of the same design as some judges of the adeptus arbites wear. He doesn’t carry many weapons with him, at least not visibly, with the exception of a large, black leather whip that he keeps on the left side of his belt at all times. Very few have ever felt the sting of his whip, and all his acolytes and throne agents suffer nightmares just thinking of what would happen should he use his whip on them.

Though he is a known Xanthite, a fact that Octavian seems rather proud of, he is not known to wield any daemonic-weapons or Chaos-tainted artefacts, nor is he known to practice sorcery. It is rumored that he knows how to create daemonhosts, and rumored still that he has done so in the past. But regardless of what aspects he may or may not share with most Xanthite stereotypes, one thing is certain: when it comes to information on the warp or anything related to Chaos, he is one of the foremost authorities in the Calixis Sector.

Octavian, for all his mystique and secrecy, is still a prominent and well-known figure in the Calixis Sector. He has many enemies, especially from other Inquisitors. Most puritan factions, and especially the Amalathians, would like to see Octavian branded a heretic. But somehow, Octavian avoids their accusations and manages to carry out his secret goals and plans largely unaccosted. What plans Octavian has for this sector, however, only the God-Emperor knows…

Inquisitor Octavian Rex

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