Lady Camelle Amaselle


Lady Amaselle is a newer Inquisitor. She wears a very fancy, Elizabethan-style dress most of the time. She also often carries with her a small, stylish umbrella that is known to house a hidden “Serpent” style power blade. She also conceals a number of other weapons in her bodice and in her thigh-high hoes. She is considered one of the more dangerous Inquisitors, as she is quick to anger and she often exacts a very high, and hands on, price for any slights against her.

Not much is known of Lady Amaselle’s past, nor her affiliations. What is known is that she was once a part of the commissariat, which would account for her very strict, no bull-shit personality. It is believed that she considers herself a puritan, however she seems to be slightly liberal in her views for a puritan. For example, she wears a digital-laser on her right middle finger. Since digital weapons incorporate alien technology, some puritans would frown on this.

Lady Amaselle is very unique in that she only has about half a dozen known acolytes, and zero throne agents. Many suspect that she is simply unable to trust anyone enough to count them as a throne agent. Others still believe that she is too paranoid. And still others believe that, perhaps, she loves the hands on approach so much that she just prefers to do everything herself.

What is certain, however, is that she is a wild card in the political games of the Cabal.

Lady Camelle Amaselle

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