File Number: 1806349

-Subject’s Name:
“Requiem”. True identity unknown

-Subject’s Status:
Alive and Loyal to the God Emperor

-Subject’s Occupation:

-Subject’s Description:
A man of plain features, average height, average weight. The subject has brown hair and grey eyes and lacks any notable features except a dueling scar running from one temple to the other across the eyes. Even with this distinct feature, the subject is very forgettable. The subject always wears a black body glove trimmed in golden thread, a belt of tanned scalps, a red and black visor across his face, a chameleoline cloak whose natural camouflage is red and black, and a pair of wickedly curved swords. The subject is also known to carry and wear an assortment of other tools, trinkets, and devices, but the most recognized as the subjects are outlined.

-Subject’s Personality:
To call the subject hot-blooded would be an understatement. Any slight against the subject, however unimportant the slight may be, is met with cold steel. I have personally observed the subject defeat a hiver for spilling his drink on the subject. And though this may not seem hot-blooded, the subject’s reaction to denouncement of the most holy God Emperor, blasphemy of His holiness, or defacing of His holy icons is met with fury that would pale most of His clergy. It goes beyond eerie the speed with which the subject can switch from a perfectly level headed state to that of a whirlwind of steel, blood, and death. The witnessing of these bloody acts are the basis of his status.

-Subject’s Background:
Much of the subject’s history is shrouded in mystery. There are many accounts that claim the subject was born on Scintilla. Some claim that the subject remained there until he reached maturity, showed talent for being unseen, joined the Death Cult known as the Moritat, and eventually joined the service of the holy Inquisition. This version of the subject’s history is much less interesting and substantiated as only a few disreputable individuals claim this as the story. The more substantiated version of the story is that the child that became Requiem was only an infant when his family decided the join a cult devoted to the ruinous powers. The cult’s devotion was, by most educated accounts, as well as the pattern of their dark worship, to ::EXPUNGED::, however no solid evidence can be linked to this assumption. The parents were eventually duped into allowing the cult to sacrifice their infant boy as a way to please their dark lord and give him more power in the material world. The Moritat had, however, decided to exterminate the cult and its leader that very evening, and before the child could be made a bloody sacrifice, the Death Cult arrived, and with a shower of blood the cult was destroyed. One of the heads of this Death Cult took pity on the child whose family had offered him up to the ruinous powers and took him in. So the story goes, the boy was raised by the family of assassins and taught how to stalk without being seen, how to kill without being noticed, and how to pour out the enemy’s blood openly so all may know the pain, darkness, and suffering that awaits those who stray from His holy light.
Whatever his true history, the tale becomes substantiated at the time when the subject became an active assassin. The assassin know as Requiem’s first confirmed kill was a noble on Fenksworld known as Amon Ivon whose family had been involved in xeno trafficking. The Inquisition had a lead and was building evidence when the subject entered the upper hive, then the Ivon estate, and finally disemboweled Lord Ivon infront of his children. It was only after a goblet of the man’s blood was consumed by the subject and the man was scalped did the assassin end the nobel’s suffering. His next three kills were the remaining members of the Ivon house, each was found scalped. The only reason these kills are attributed to Requiem is for two reasons: The victims were scalped and bled, both are his Modus Operandi, and Requiem signed his name in their blood on the tapestries depicting the “greatness and holiness” of the house.
The next confirmed kill by the subject was that of a warlord on the planet Munsk. The warlord had turned his back both on the Emperor and the Imperium. Though this would not be a problem, this planet had just recently been sent armaments to deal with a demonic infestation. The warlord, claiming the demons were better masters, refused to comply with the imperial tithe, but before the gears of the Imperium could turn to face the might upon this planet, Requiem appeared and solved the problem. With the troublesome warlord gone, the planet returned to normal. The account given to me was interesting, and thus I have included it. It reads: Some scrawny kid showed up at our camp, and boss didn’t like it one bit. I don’t like the way he stands, or maybe it’s how he looks at us all as if we’re nothin’ but meat in his way. Asides from that, the camp’s supposta be a secret, so how’d he find it unless he meant trouble. The kid challenged the boss to a dual with blades, and of course we all laughed. This punk kid, barely old’nofe to lift a blade was challenging the Warlord of the planet? What a fool! We were the fools though. The kid drew his wicked sharp lookin’ blades and boss man drew his huge sword. All I could hear was steel hitin’ steel and air bein’ sliced, and I couldn’t see nothin’ but feet and bodies movin’ so fast! Then we all saw the boss man’s arm get cut and he dropped his sword. I’da thought the boss woulda been tough, but he ran when that happened. The kid didn’t miss a beat either, and before boss man could get much further, he shot him in the back, through the shoulder, with a grappling hook launcher. He started runnin’ and reelin’ and laughin’ like a maniac. Gave me the chills, specially when he caught up to boss man faster than I thought anyone could’a. And with’a snicker-snack he chopped boss man’s mother funckin’ head off. Then the kid caught the head before it hit the ground, drank the blood that fell out, and then scalped him for good measure, I guess. That’s when I ran, cause I didn’t wanna be next.
The subject has been attributed to 75 confirmed kills, and a possible 131.
The subject his highly recommended as an asset to the Inquisition.


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